Its capital is Yaoundé. It borders with Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The official languages are English and French. Twenty-four other native languages are also spoken. The religion is diverse: 40% are Christians, 40% are traditional religions and the last 20% are Muslims.


  • The visa is required to enter the country.
  • The climate is hot all year round and the rainy season is from April and May to September.
  • The best period to visit the country is from November to February.
  • It has a mosquito net and mosquito repellent.
  • Although it is always hot, it is important to be demure with clothes that are not short or shoulders uncovered.
  • The current is 220 V.
  • The plugs are two round holes.
  • Buy a travel insurance.


Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory. The following vaccination is also recommended:

  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid fever
  • Meningitis

Due to the risk in the south and center of the country, preventive treatment against malaria is necessary.


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